Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Reasons I’m excited for Sochi 2014 #1:

JR MUTHAFUCKIN CELSKI! He’s got the awesomest comeback story ever, world record holder, Washington native, hapa, the next Apolo Ohno, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!? 

Gahhhhhhhh. ONE YEAR! ONE YEAR! till this beast wins gold, I feel it!

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    Omg yes yes yessss! 😍
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    awww, cutie JR Celski!!!!! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years. woot, woot sochi 2014!!!!
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    He sexy. And has anyone seen his tattoo. It’s beautiful.
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    Yes! Me too! Another hapa dude from Washington :) I watched him in the last winter Olympics and he did great but I think...
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